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July 31, 2010


08.Dec,2010-Arthus Loibl-Germany-€1500.00 EUR

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05 Dec, 2010  –  Marolyn Berry- England- £50.00 GBP

03.Dec,,2010-Wolfgang Meusburger-Thailand-25.000.00 THB 

29.Nov,,2010-Thomas Gottschalk-Thailand-75.000.00 THB

28.Nov,,2010-Rico Stappel-Thailand-5000.00 THB

 28.Nov,,2010-Raimund Hogger-Germany-€150.00 EUR

18.Nov,,2010-Herbert Kress-Germany-€2005.00 EUR

04.oct,2010-Anonymous Donor-Switzerland-$25.000 USD

 01.Oct,2010-Saufen fuer Rino-Schwalbenbraue-Germany-€221.50 EUR

01.Oct,2010-Rock4Rino-Ingolstadt Germany-€390,00 EUR

30.Sep,2010-Rock4Rino-Regensburg Germany-€150,00 EUR

30.Sep,2010-Harley Davidson-Raffletickets-Germany-€500,00 EUR

30.Sep,2010-KOPP MARTIN-Germany-€20,00 EUR

29.Sep,2010-WINCEK RENATE-Germany-€100,00 EUR

26.Sep,2010-Rock4Rino-Straubing Germany-€400,00 EUR

25.Sep,2010-Fam.Wohlhaupter-Germany-€50,00 EUR

24.Aug,2010-FRANK & CHRISTA BIELENBERG-Germany-€100,00 EUR

20.Sep,2010-Anonymous Donor-Thailand-100.000 THB

20.Sep,2010-KRESS HERBERT-Germany-€221,50 EUR

20.Sep,2010-STOPSEL CLUB PEUTENHAUSEN-Germany-€650.00 EUR

20.Sep,2010-Samahita Yoga -Thailand-26.550 THB

18.Sep,2010-Kurt Stucki-Switzerland-1.000 THB

17.Sep,2010-JOHANNES SCHMUCK-Germany-€30.00 EUR

16.Sep.2010-Ark Bar-Donation Box-380 THB

16.Sep.2010-Alizzeo-Italy-5.000 THB

16.Sep.2010-Chez Andy’s-Donation Box- 791 THB

15.Sep.2010-WMC Lamai-Donation Box-3.230 THB

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11.Sep.2010-Rawadee Computer-Donation Box-420 THB

11.Sep.2010-Blue Private Paradise-Donation Box-2.820 THB

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09.Sep,2010-Marie & Rene Ewersbach-Germany-1.000 THB

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01.Sep,2010-Roman Leopold-Germany-€50.00 EUR

01.Sep,2010-Nguyen Vincent-€100.00 EUR

01.Sep,2010-Samui Culinary Circle-Thailand-10.000 THB

01.Sep,2010-Raymond Tan-1,000.00 THB


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30.Aug,2010-Redlips Bar-Donationbox-610 THB

30.Aug,2010-Scoops Icecream-Donationbox-800 THB

30.Aug,2010-Swiss Chalet-Donationbox-276 THB

30.Aug,2010-Cafe 77-Donationbox-1.060 THB

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28.Aug,2010-Stefania Alborghetti-$200.00 HKD

26.Aug,2010-Moneim Floris-€10.00 EUR


25.Aug,2010-MELANIE KREUZPAINTNER-Germany-€10.00 EUR

25.Aug,2010-Queensland Film Studios-$70.00 AUD

25.Aug,2010-Jochen Brauer-Germany-€50.00 EUR

24.Aug,2010-GÜNTER RIEDL-Germany-€50.00 EUR

24.Aug,2010-JULIAN SIMEON PIEHLER-Germany-€100.00 EUR

24.Aug,2010-Advantage Contractor-Thailand-5.000 THB

24.Aug,2010-Bang Kao Tropical Residence-5.000 THB

24.Aug,2010-Bank Transfer-Thailand-350.00 THB

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17.Aug,2010-Fight 4 Rino(Muaythai)-Samui-15.313 THB

17.Aug,2010-Max Altinger-Germany-€20.00 EUR

17.Aug,2010-Allan Mathewson-$50.00 USD

17.Aug,2010-Dawn Bowman-$10.00 USD

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01.Aug,2010 – Marco Dombek-Germany – €25.00 EUR

01.Aug,2010 – Susan Morrish -England- £20.00 GBP

31 Jul,2010  –   Rolf Schillinger-Germany- $50.00 USD

31 Jul,2010  –   Willie Duncan-Germany- $50.00 USD

31 Jul, 2010  – Theo Meier- Thailand – 10.000 THB

31 Jul, 2010  –  Marolyn Berry- England- £20.00 GBP




Rinos Picture Gallery

July 30, 2010

Happy Day’s

Ebstein’s Anomaly is diagnosed

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July 28, 2010

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Rinos Condition

July 28, 2010

Update 5.09.2010

Today we visited the Bangkok Heart Hospital for the second time. Testing and experiments, bloodtests and scans… two strenuous and exausting day’s for Rino.











Dr. Poomiporn confirmed again the serious nature of Rinos case, stressing  the importance and urgency of an operation as soon as possible. Dr. Poomiporn recommends surgery to repair or replace Rinos  heart valve within the next 6 months.

Here is a video update

The medical results after two day’s at the Bangkok Heart Hospital in short:

Cardiac MRI




























As new information comes in, we will keep you posted.

Thank you for all your support!


 1.Visit 30.06.2010


After suffering from fatigue, a fast and irregular heart beat and chest pains,  on the 30th of June 2010, just one month before his 10th birthday,  Rino visited a cardiologist in Bangkok where he was  diagnosed with Ebstein;s Anomaly.

Medical Report from Dr.Poomiporn  Katanyuwong (Pedriatic Cardilogist Bangkok Heart Clinic)


The cardiologist explained that Rino’s heart is enlarged and he will need surgery within one year, to mend his heart.

Rino’s Chest X-Ray from 30.06.2010

July 24, 2010

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July 24, 2010

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Rino – A brave little boy’s story

July 24, 2010

On the 4th of August 2000, Rino Mangon Vogt  was born in Koh Samui, Thailand.  Unbeknown to his parents, he had been born with a rare congenital heart condition..Ebsteins Anomaly.

After suffering from fatigue, a fast and irregular heart beat and chest pains,  on the 30th of June 2010, just one month before his 10th birthday,  Rino visited a cardiologist in Bangkok where he was  diagnosed with Ebsteins Anomaly.

The cardiologist explained that Rino’s heart is enlarged and he will need surgery within one year, to mend his heart.

This means no more running, playing football or any of the games he loves so much.

The surgery Rino will need will cost in the region of

2 million THB

Or 62,000 USD

Or 50,000 Euros

 Or 42,000 GBP

How you can help…….
Please support our upcoming events or donate what you can…thank you