Important Notice


The news today is both good… and not so good. Young Rino underwent open-heart surgery on Sunday 21 November to repair his heart valve in an attempt to remedy his Ebstein’s Anomaly heart defect. This surgery to repair the heart valve was a complete success!

            However, a week after the surgery Rino’s heart is not adjusting to a heartbeat necessary for the repaired heart and is in need of another surgery to implant a pacemaker. This will regulate his heartbeat and hopefully correct the problem during his healing process. The surgery to implant a pacemaker will take place at 8pm this evening (30 November).

            Rino needs additional donations from the “Friends of Rino” for this second surgery and for the required immediate surgical aftercare. Please find it in your heart to continue to support my child’s medial needs.

Thank you,

Ritchie Newton


One Response to Important Notice

  1. Joerg Stimm says:

    Hi Rino & Ritchie,

    I follow your story with great interest and wish you a good outcome in the end.

    However, the date on this entry seems wrong, which might impede strongly on successfully securing further funds for your hospital bills.

    I know this is a very stressful time for you both, but maybe this small detail should be corrected.

    All the best,

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